Former Competitors Support Sessions in CD-17 Runoff

March 18, 2020

Hindman, Bland, McReynolds Support for Sessions over Swann

WACO, TX — Three former Republican competitors in the CD-17 primary have announced they are supporting former Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) in the Republican primary runoff currently set for May 26. Those candidates are George Hindman of Pflugerville, who finished third, as well as Scott Bland of Waco and Laurie McReynolds of Waco.

“I am honored to have earned the support of these three candidates and former competitors in this runoff,” said former Congressman Sessions. “I respect each of them and appreciate that they have concluded that I will be the best choice to represent CD-17. I look forward to working with them to win this runoff. Our campaign has tremendous momentum and I am deeply appreciative of all the support we have received.”

Each of these former candidates will be providing differing levels of support for the campaign based on their preferences, but all will be actively helping.

“It’s no secret I hoped March 3rd would have gone differently,” said Hindman. “We now have two candidates from the more establishment wing of the Republican Party, so we must choose who is best for our community. In my opinion, the choice is clear. Pete Sessions is the only remaining candidate who can unite Republicans from multiple factions in this community. Pete and his supporters spent their time in the primary talking about their campaign, not lying about their opponents. Furthermore, Pete has a better grasp of the issues facing our community and nation. Therefore, I endorse and will be voting for Pete Sessions in the runoff. Given the importance of voting in the May 26th election, I expect that many of my supporters will likewise understand the reality of our situation and vote for Pete as well.”

“I started my campaign out of a desire to protect the families of our district from the threats our country is facing,” said Bland. “Securing our southern border and working towards a common-sense immigration plan that works towards identifying threats while providing a pathway for legal work status were key components of my campaign. Providing workforce solutions is an equally important issue for me and something that I have been working on in our district for more than five years. The programs that I have helped develop and implement for our high school students as well as for unemployed or under-employed adults can be expanded across our entire district and our nation. These programs provide pathways into good paying careers into the construction industry. These are careers that are essential to keep our economy moving forward and we must continue to grow this workforce or we risk losing our economic momentum. I believe Pete Sessions represents the best opportunity we have to move forward on these issues. I believe we need a representative who has a track record of service and leadership in order to deal with these complicated issues. Congressman Sessions and I have discussed working together on workforce to expand the opportunities that so many of us have worked the last few years to create across the district. In turbulent times like this, it is important that we have a strong, knowledgeable leader representing us in Congress. I look forward to working with Congressman Sessions moving forward and working towards making our district safer and more prosperous for all of our families.”

“As a small business owner and a strong supporter of President Trump, and a former candidate for Congress in this district, I am supporting Pete Sessions for Congress for the Republican nomination in TX-17,” said McReynolds. “I believe Pete will provide the leadership we need to defeat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and I think Pete will help get that done. Also, I am sure Pete will be a strong supporter of President Trump.”

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