An Open Letter from Pete Sessions

People often ask me why I remain so optimistic about America’s future. On the eve of this Republican primary, now is the right time to explain my reasons.

Please don’t get me wrong: I am a clear-eyed realist in assessing our current challenges.

Prices for gasoline and groceries are on the rise. Joe Biden’s abandonment of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan weakened our position in the world. The federal debt is now larger than the size of our economy. Crime rates are increasing, and more Americans are dying each year because of drug overdoses.

Nevertheless, I am optimistic about our future. Why?

As a Member of Congress, when there are no votes on the House floor , I come back to Texas every weekend.

In the district, I am reminded what makes our nation great.

I am encouraged by business owners who tell me how they worked to survive, and even thrive, during the COVID pandemic.

I am encouraged by school teachers who are excited about the academic aspirations of their students.

And when I see the research being conducted at our universities, I grow confident our nation will continue to improve the everyday lives of Americans through the march of progress and technology.

In short, I am optimistic because I believe in the talents and capabilities of the American people. Democrats believe solutions are to be found in Washington. In their view, only they and the “experts” in Washington D.C. are able to solve our problems.

I believe solutions come from individuals making a difference throughout the nation, away from Washington.

If you agree with me our nation is great because of its people, and not because of its government in Washington D.C., then I hope I can count of your vote in the Republican primary.