Thank You Republicans in TX-17!

Thanks to the strong and dependable leadership of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas, the general statewide Executive Order to minimize social gatherings and in-person contact will expire Friday, May 1st. For necessary phase-in instructions on how we implement the plan to get back out there, please download a copy of The Governor’s Report to Open Texas for important details.

Governor Abbott has postponed the Republican primary runoff from May 26 to July 14. Click here to read his full proclamation.

In this time of uncertainty, I hope your faith in God sustains you, and we continue to pray for our country.

Thank You Republicans in TX-17!

“We are very encouraged to finish first in the primary with such a large field of candidates. We are well-positioned to win this runoff, winning so many counties across the district, and we are already gaining significant support since the results came in. We will run a vigorous runoff campaign and win this race.” -Pete Sessions

U.S. House District 17
(1) Pete Sessions: 21,667 votes | 31.6%

When Barack Obama was President, Pete Sessions led the campaign to take over the House for Republicans and remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. He will be an effective opponent to the Socialist Democrats in Congress, who want more control of our everyday lives.

As a lifelong member of the NRA, Pete is a strong defender of our Second Amendment Freedom. He will protect our gun rights.

Pete Sessions is pro-life and a faithful Christian who will defend our religious freedom.

Pete Sessions represented a congressional district in North Texas for most of the last two decades, but lost his seat in the last election. After the current congressman announced his retirement, conservative activists in the area encouraged Pete to move back to his hometown of Waco and run for this seat.

While in Congress, Pete proved himself to be a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, voting with the White House 98 percent of the time.

To learn more about Pete, click here.