Reducing Regulatory Burdens

This Administration’s regulatory beast is crushing businesses of all sizes in all industries. From the Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule to the EPA’s Waters of the US Rule, unelected bureaucrats are declaring war on our economy and our job creators. Industries such as manufacturing and technology are struggling to compete in a global marketplace and it’s far past time that we clear outdated and costly regulations off the books.

America’s job creators are being buried under a regulatory burden estimated at over $1.75 trillion. Recent reports indicate that each U.S. household pays a hidden regulatory tax of $15,586 per year. Major rules- those affecting the economy by $100 million or more per year- are at the heart of the problem. This is why I am a strong supporter of the REINS Act. This legislation would require specific congressional approval for any major rule before it can be implemented. While this is an important step in the right direction, there is more than can, and should, be done and I will continue to fight to roll back excessive red tape and get the government out of the free marketplace.

We must ensure that the rules governing the way we live and work reflect what is best for our state and country today- not what unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats think is best. And if any regulations aren’t doing right on behalf of the American people, they should be cleared off the books.