Pete Sessions Plan to Restore our Nation’s Healthcare System

In 2010, Democrats defied the will of the American people and rammed a 2,700 page heath care bill through Congress that sought to take over our entire health care system. From day one, I have led the fight in the House to stop the ObamaCare train wreck, beginning when it came to the House Rules Committee in March of 2010.

North Texas families and businesses have been forced to face the damaging effects of ObamaCare. Employers have cut full-time employees to part-time and dropped employees from their preferred healthcare plan. Health insurance premiums are still skyrocketing and out of pocket costs are growing astronomically. In April the largest health insurance provider United Healthcare announced that it was abandoning ObamaCare and now Aetna, the the third-largest health insurer in the US, will also cease to expand its ObamaCare offerings. Additionally, even though the president promised Americans that if they liked their health care plan, they could keep their health care plan, he knew that this was not the case.

In short, the Democrats’ empty promises about their massive health care bill have become a frightening reality for the American people. ObamaCare is discriminatory, unaffordable, and unsustainable.

That is why for the last 18 months I have been working on a solution with my friend in the Senate, Dr. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana. In May we introduced H.R. 5284, The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan, a sustainable, non-discriminatory alternative to the President’s onerous law. It empowers all Americans to make their own healthcare decisions, save their hard-earned money in an account that is not use-it-or-lose-it, and ensures that not only single person will ever be coerced onto ObamaCare. The basis of our bill creates a $2,500 tax credit for every American citizen as well as a $1,500 tax credit per dependent minor. This tax credit provides individuals and families with the freedom to use their own dollars to plan and save for their health care futures by assigning their credit to an employer, transferring it to a Roth Health Savings Account, or advancing it for annual distribution. Our plan takes a unique, free-market based approach to healthcare that unleashes doctors, patients, and all individuals from the burdens of ObamaCare, and puts Americans back in charge of their own healthcare.

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