Pete Sessions Plan for Job Creation

During a meeting of the White House Conference on Small Business, President Ronald Reagan once said, “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” Sadly, those words could not be more true in light of the current Administration’s economic policies of tax hikes, wasteful spending, onerous regulations, and overall hostility to the free enterprise system.

Republicans have a plan that lays the groundwork for a stronger economy and a brighter future for all Americans. These conservative solutions will help create new jobs today, make life work for families across the country, and expand opportunity for everyone – without expanding government. Since January, House Republicans have led the fight in shrinking government and cutting spending. Our efforts build upon these principles to get the American people back to work and put our nation back on a path to prosperity. While President Obama is willing to spend hundreds of millions of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars to grow the federal government, we remain focused on reversing Democrats’ failed policies and reducing the size of government so the free enterprise system can flourish. Here’s how we would do it:

Energy Independence:
An “all of the above” approach that expands American energy production will help create jobs, boost manufacturing, and make energy more affordable.

Lowering Health Care Costs and Bolstering Research:
Repealing Obamacare, enacting patient-centered reforms, and eliminating wasteful government spending so we can focus on disease and disorder research will improve care, and bring down the costs that strain families and make it harder for small businesses to hire.

Expanding Education Opportunity:
Reforming federal education policies to empower parents with choice and equal opportunity to seek great teachers and schools, and improve access to college and training, will better prepare students for tomorrow’s job market.

Controlling Spending:
Stopping wasteful spending, strengthening priorities like Medicare, and replacing the president’s sequester with smarter cuts and reforms that help us balance the budget – just like families do – will help pay down our debt and preserve the American Dream.

Fostering Innovation:
Keeping the Internet free from government regulation, stopping cyber-attacks while protecting our privacy, and modernizing our laws will help promote technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Reforming Immigration and Border Security:
Securing our borders, enforcing our laws, and making the process of becoming a legal immigrant fairer and more efficient will help America remain a magnet for the brightest minds and hardest workers.

Reining in Red Tape:
Removing artificial government barriers and red tape will preserve and strengthen Americans’ ability to build, grow, and compete with anyone.

Expanding Markets for Manufacturers and Small Businesses:
Opening new markets for American-made goods will help lower prices for consumers, create better, higher-paying jobs for workers, and attract new investments in the United States.

Stopping Waste and Fixing Broken Government:
Responsible oversight of government operations will help remove obstacles to growth and ensure accountability for taxpayers.

We need common sense, pro-growth policies to give small businesses and entrepreneurs renewed confidence in our economy and to get Washington out of the way and unleash the free enterprise system. The future of American prosperity depends on fiscally responsible policies today. By lowering taxes, reducing regulations and injecting certainty into our economy, we can restore the confidence and ability of the private sector to grow and create jobs. By unleashing the free enterprise system and encouraging the innovative spirit that drives the American Dream, we will ensure that America continues to be a great nation and that her best days lie ahead.