Pete Sessions Plan for Energy Independence

Energy security is a matter of national security. I support an all-of-the-above energy strategy that stimulates innovation, development, and security. Reliable energy sources allow the entrepreneurial spirit of Texans to thrive and promotes freedom from unstable regions often hostile to the values of America. I believe the free market should choose winners and losers in the marketplace, not radical environmentalist who have constructed this Administration’s liberal green energy agenda. There are four key reforms that I’ve tirelessly advocated in the halls of Congress and neighborhoods in North Texas:

Lifting the Crude Oil Ban
In a historic conservative victory at the end of 2015, House Republicans successfully lifted the 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports. By repealing this antiquated law, we will create an estimated 1 million American jobs in nearly all 50 states and add $170 billion annually to our GDP. This was an important victory for Texas and unleashed the full potential of our already vibrant Texas energy economy.

Reining in the EPA
The EPA has been relentless in their war against the American job creator. Political agendas have dictated misguided regulatory initiatives and crushed businesses large and small. From abusive “sue and settle” litigation practices to disregard for private property rights, the EPA has proved time and again that they cannot be trusted to act in the best interest of Texas, or the nation. In the past year I have supported measures to gut the EPA by $452 million – holding the agency to its lowest funding levels since 2008 and forcing them to scale back $138 million of onerous regulatory programs. In addition I have also supported and fought for numerous legislative victories that will drive down energy prices, create American jobs, and reinvigorate our energy revolution.

Here are a few of those victories:

  • Prohibiting EPA from implementing new greenhouse gas regulations for new or existing power plants;
  • Eliminating funding for greenhouse gas “New Source Performance Standards”;
  • Prohibiting EPA implementation of WOTUS;
  • Prohibiting EPA from changing the definition of “fill materials”;
  • Prohibitions on new methane requirements;
  • Prohibiting the regulation of the lead content of ammunition and fishing tackle; and
  • Prohibitions on harmful changes to the “stream buffer rule”

Promoting Energy Efficiency
Consumers and taxpayers benefit when our energy use is effective and free of government mandates. Reducing government waste, prioritizing existing energy efficiency programs, and reducing burdensome federal efficiency mandates will unleash private sector technologies and spur innovation. Establishing voluntary programs, improving data gathering, and making the federal government use existing best practices related to energy usage will ultimately benefit Texans and all Americans. We need to replace mandates with incentives and regulation with innovation.

Maximizing our Natural Resources
Texas is home to a vast array of natural resources. We have the responsibility to be good stewards of these resources and balance environmental concerns with the needs of Texans. Technology has developed far beyond what we ever believed possible, and as a result we can access and develop our resources including coal, nuclear, oil, natural gas, solar, and wind. I support opening the Outer Continental Shelf, the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, and federally owned land for exploration and development. The Keystone XL Pipeline offers the potential of thousands of jobs, many to Texas families, yet this Administration continues to pile on regulatory and permitting barriers. This President would rather subsidize his green energy favorites rather than agree to Republican policies that will bring economic prosperity and independence to our state and nation.