Boom times: 72% blue collar are ‘optimistic about future,’ 67% ‘happy’

September 13, 2018

That recession driven grimness hanging over the workplace has lifted and now workers of all shades are feeling good about their future.

new survey provided to Secrets said that 72 percent of blue collar workers and 76 percent of white collar workers are optimistic about their future.

What’s more, half feel that it would be easy to find another job if they needed or wanted to.

But in its survey of 1,001 employed workers, Porch, a free online network that links homeowners and repair, renovation and cleaning professionals, found that there is concern about robots and automation.

For example, 29 percent of blue collar workers are worried that their jobs will soon be automated. But for white collar workers it was just 24 percent.

The survey also found that most blue collar and white collar workers are happy, feel respected, and like each other.