Pete Sessions Praises US House on Passing Resolution to Increase Funds to Military

August 2, 2017

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) — Congressman Pete Sessions says the House of Representatives has done its job by passing the Make America Secure Appropriates Act.

The resolution, which now goes to the U.S Senate for consideration, would provide more than $650 billion for the military in the federal budget. It would also give troops a more than two percent raise — their biggest pay bump in eight years.

“We now have a House, a Senate, and a president that’s Republican, which means we spend less time fighting with each other,” Sessions said. “So we have now policy opportunities that we never had for eight years under Barack Obama.”

Another element of the resolution is language that supports the President Trump’s proposed border wall along the U.S-Mexico border. Sessions said it includes policy that looks at specific areas in Texas and California that he says needs to be shored up.

“We can then begin looking at the needs of the border and what they might need,” Sessions said. “President Trump not only asked us to do this, but supported us on this through homeland security, so I feel very good about what we’re doing.”